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Moe's logoMoe's Southwest Grill, referred to informally as Moe's, was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in December 2000, by Raving Brands. In August 2007, the brand was purchased by Focus Brands. As of the 2013 purchase, there were about 500 locations in operation in 35 states. As of July 14, 2014 the number of Moe's locations increased to over 550 in the US after signing 120 new franchises in six months.

Moe's has locations in Turkey and Russia. In 2011 opened its first location outside the US in Turkey. In September 2012 Moe's opened its first Russian franchise located in the center of Moscow near the Kremlin on Pyatnitskaya Street. Franchise partners also exist in Costa Rica and Jamaica.

Many of the menu items have names drawn from popular culture memes such as: Who is Kaiser Salsa, El Guapo's Infamous Salsa, Triple Lindy, John Coctostan, Billy Barou, Ruprict, Julia Gulia, Earmuffs, Wrong Doug, Joey Bag of Doughnuts, Art Vandalay and Close Talker.


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Moe's Southwest Grill Menu Price List



John Coctostan (Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef)$7
John Coctostan (Steak or Pork)$7.5
Chicken Club (Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef)$7.5
Chicken Club (Steak or Pork)$8
Super Kingpin (Vegetarian)$6


Billy Barou (Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef)$8
Billy Barou (Steak or Pork)$8.5
Ruprict (Vegetarian)$7

Burrito Bowls

Earmuffs (Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef)$8
Earmuffs (Steak or Pork)$8.5
Band Camp (Vegetarian)$8
Joey Streaker (Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef)$7
Joey Streaker (Steak or Pork)$7.5
Sriracha Nacho (Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef)$8.3
Sriracha Nacho (Steak or Pork)$8.8


Homewrecker (Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef)$8
Homewrecker (Steak or Pork)$8.5
Joey (Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef)$7
Joey (Steak or Pork)$7.5
Art Vandalay (Vegetarian)$6.25
Sriracha Nacho (Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef)$8.3
Sriracha Nacho (Steak or Pork)$8.8

Junior Burritos

Jr. Joey (Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef)$6.25
Jr. Joey (Steak or Pork)$6.55
Jr. Sriracha Nacho (Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef)$6.74
Jr. Sriracha Nacho (Steak or Pork)$7.04


Overachiever (Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef)$3.25
Overachiever (Steak or Pork)$3.55
The Funk Meister (Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef)$3
The Funk Meister (Steak or Pork)$3.3
Unanimous Decision (Vegetarian)$3


Close Talker (Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef)$7
Close Talker (Steak or Pork)$7.5
Personal Trainer (Vegetarian)$6


Wrong Doug (Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef)$8.2
Wrong Doug (Steak or Pork)$8.7
Julia Gulia (Vegetarian)$8.2
Sriracha Nacho Stack (Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef)$8.5
Sriracha Nacho Stack (Steak or Pork)$9


Moo Moo Mr. Cow$4
Power Wagon$4
Mini Masterpiece$4
Mini Masterpiece (Chicken, Tofu, Ground Beef, Steak or Pork)$4.99
Kids LiveWell (Chicken or Tofu)$4
Kids LiveWell (Steak)$4.5


Fountain Drink Regular$1.8
Fountain DrinkLarge$2
Bottled Water$2


Moe's Famous Queso Side$1.25
Moe's Famous Queso Cup - 6 oz.$3.5
Moe's Famous Queso Bowl - 12 oz.$6.5
GuacamoleCup - 6 oz.$3.5
GuacamoleBowl - 12 oz.$6.5
Sour Cream$0.5
Southwestern RiceCup - 6 oz.$1.5
Southwestern RiceBowl - 12 oz.$3
Pinto BeansCup - 6 oz.$1.5
Pinto BeansBowl - 12 oz.$3
Black BeansCup - 6 oz.$1.5
Black BeansBowl - 12 oz.$3
Pico de Gallo Side$1.25
Pico de Gallo Cup - 6 oz.$3.5
Pico de Gallo Bowl - 12 oz.$6.5
Chocolate Chip $0.7
Oatmeal Raisin$0.7
White Chocolate Macadamia$0.7

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