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“Fast Food in USA” is a unique service founded on March 1st, 2015. Its destination is to help you learn the world of American fast food. 

“Fast Food in USA” is provided by a huge base, which contains all manner of fast food restaurants, from popular giant corporations to small and little-known places. Search is available in each section of our site to improve your surfing experience.

Under “Fast Food Brands” tab you will find the list of all fast food restaurants in USA and will be able to view the menu prices of each of them.
On the restaurant’s page there is also label, history and concept of the brand. Five-star scale shows the average rating, based on visitors’ opinion about the restaurant.

Work hours” tab is created for you to choose the most comfy option for your rest. After pointing your state and city you’ll see locations and work hours of chosen network. Also you’ll find all necessary information: address, website, phone number and e-mail. 

Menus” section will be useful for people who take care of themselves and monitor their diets. Descriptions of popular dishes contain its ingredients and nutritional info.

The “Recipes” tab contains a large number of your favorite fast food dishes that you’ve tasted in restaurants and that can be cooked healthy and tasty by yourself. 

Fast Food map” can help you discover all the restaurants locations nearby. You can choose one concrete network of restaurants or view all of them. Just enter your city and select a distance and you’ll see all possible variants.

In “Video” section there are lots of video recipes, news of fast food world and many other interesting things about your favorite meals.


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