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Hungry Howie's logoHungry Howie's Pizza, Inc. is the 11th largest pizza chain in the United States, with 575 locations. Its products include pizza, calzone-style subs, chicken wings and tenders, bread, and salads. The corporation headquarters is located in Madison Heights, Michigan in Metro Detroit.

James Hearn opened the first Hungry Howie's on Telegraph Road in Taylor, Michigan in 1973. Howies soon became a popular hangout for students at nearby Taylor Jr. High and Taylor Center High Schools. Jim Hearn decided to franchise their operation in 1982 and partnered with Jackson. Within the first three years, the company franchised 65 locations, and by 1990 the number had grown to 160. In 2005, the company opened its 500th store.

Hungry Howie's promotes itself as Home of the flavored crust pizza. The options are Original, Garlic Herb, Onion, Cajun, Butter, Butter Cheese, Sesame, Ranch, Italian Herb, Asiago Cheese. Multiple crust flavors can be combined.


Tagline/Slogan - We make it FRESH, we make it FAST and we make it JUST FOR YOU


Hungry Howie's Menu Price List


Create Pizzas

Original or Thin CrustMedium$6
Original or Thin CrustLarge$8
Deep DishLarge$10
Gluten FreeSmall$7

Create Pizza Toppings

Original or Thin CrustMedium$1.49
Original, Thin Crust or Deep DishLarge$1.79

Specialty Pizzas

Asian or BBQ Chicken (Original)Junior$6
Asian or BBQ Chicken (Original)Small$8
Asian or BBQ Chicken (Original or Thin Crust)Medium$11
Asian or BBQ Chicken (Original or Thin Crust)Large$15
Asian or BBQ Chicken (Original)X-Large$18
Asian or BBQ Chicken (Deep Dish)Large$17
Asian or BBQ Chicken (Gluten Free)Small$11
Buffalo Chicken (Original)Junior$5
Buffalo Chicken (Original)Small$7
Buffalo Chicken (Original or Thin Crust)Medium$10
Buffalo Chicken (Original or Thin Crust)Large$13
Buffalo Chicken (Original)X-Large$16
Buffalo Chicken (Deep Dish)Large$15
Buffalo Chicken (Gluten Free)Small$10
Howie Special (Original)Junior$10
Howie Special (Original)Small$9
Howie Special (Original or Thin Crust)Medium$12
Howie Special (Original or Thin Crust)Large$16
Howie Special (Original)X-Large$19
Howie Special (Deep Dish)Large$18
Howie Special (Gluten Free)Small$12
Works (Original)Junior$10
Works (Original)Small$11
Works (Original or Thin Crust)Medium$14
Works (Original or Thin Crust))Large$18
Works (Original)X-Large$20
Works (Deep Dish)Large$20
Works (Gluten Free)Small$14
Howie Maui (Original)Junior$10
Howie Maui (Original)Small$7
Howie Maui (Original or Thin Crust)Medium$10
Howie Maui (Original or Thin Crust)Large$13
Howie Maui (Original)X-Large$16
Howie Maui (Deep Dish)Large$15
Howie Maui (Gluten Free)Small$10
Meat Eaters (Original)Junior$10
Meat Eaters (Original)Small$8
Meat Eaters (Original or Thin Crust)Medium$11
Meat Eaters (Original or Thin Crust)Large$15
Meat Eaters (Original)X-Large$18
Meat Eaters (Deep Dish)Large$17
Meat Eaters (Gluten Free)Small$11
Veggie (Original)Junior$10
Veggie (Original)Small$9
Veggie (Original or Thin Crust)Medium$12
Veggie (Original or Thin Crust)Large$16
Veggie (Original)X-Large$19
Veggie (Deep Dish)Large$18
Veggie (Gluten Free)Small$12
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Original)Junior$10
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Original)Small$7
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Original or Thin Crust)Medium$10
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Original or Thin Crust)Large$13
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Original)X-Large$16
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Deep Dish)Large$15
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Gluten Free)Small$10
Philly Cheese Steak (Original)Junior$10
Philly Cheese Steak (Original)Small$10
Philly Cheese Steak (Original or Thin Crust)Medium$13
Philly Cheese Steak (Original or Thin Crust)Large$17
Philly Cheese Steak (Original)X-Large$19
Philly Cheese Steak (Deep Dish)Large$19
Philly Cheese Steak (Gluten Free)Small$13
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Original)Junior$10
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Original)Small$8
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Original or Thin Crust)Medium$11
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Original or Thin Crust)Large$15
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Original)X-Large$18
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Deep Dish)Large$17
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Gluten Free)Small$11
Pepperoni Plus (Original)Junior$10
Pepperoni Plus (Original)Small$10
Pepperoni Plus (Original or Thin Crust)Medium$13
Pepperoni Plus (Original or Thin Crust)Large$17
Pepperoni Plus (Original)X-Large$19
Pepperoni Plus (Deep Dish)Large$19
Pepperoni Plus (Gluten free)Small$13
Meat Eaters Plus (Original)Junior$10
Meat Eaters Plus (Original)Small$9
Meat Eaters Plus (Original or Thin Crust)Medium$12
Meat Eaters Plus (Original or Thin Crust)Large$16
Meat Eaters Plus (Original)X-Large$19
Meat Eaters Plus (Deep Dish)Large$18
Meat Eaters Plus (Gluten Free)Small$12


Deluxe ItalianRegular$4.99
Deluxe ItalianLarge$6.99
Steak, Cheese & MushroomRegular$4.99
Steak, Cheese & MushroomLarge$6.99
Pizza CalzoneRegular$4.99
Pizza CalzoneLarge$6.99
Pizza DeluxeRegular$4.99
Pizza DeluxeLarge$6.99
Turkey or Turkey ClubRegular$4.99
Turkey or Turkey ClubLarge$6.99
Ham & CheeseRegular$4.99
Ham & CheeseLarge$6.99
Veggie CalzoneRegular$4.99
Veggie CalzoneLarge$6.99

Howie Bread

3 Cheeser BreadRegular (16 Pc.)$4.99
Asiago BreadRegular (16 Pc.)$3.99
Cinnamon BreadRegular (16 Pc.)$3.99
Cajun BreadRegular (16 Pc.)$3.99
Howie BreadRegular (16 Pc.)$3.99


Antipasto SaladRegular$5.99
Antipasto SaladLarge$7.99
Greek SaladRegular$5.99
Greek SaladLarge$7.99
Chef SaladRegular$5.99
Chef SaladLarge$7.99
Garden SaladRegular$5.99
Garden SaladLarge$7.99
Chicken Asiago SaladRegular$5.99
Chicken Asiago SaladLarge$7.99
Chicken Caesar SaladRegular$5.99
Chicken Caesar SaladLarge$7.99

Howie Wings

Wings or Boneless Wings10 Pc.$7.49
Wings or Boneless Wings20 Pc.$14.49

Howie Rolls

Chicken Howie RollRegular $3.99
Pepperoni Howie RollRegular$3.5
Steak Howie RollRegular$3.99


Soft Drink20 oz.$1.59
Soft Drink2 Liters$2.59
Aquafina Water20 oz.$1.59


Dipping SauceCup$0.59
Black or Green Olives$0.59
Mild Peppers$0.59

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