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Hooters logoHooters, Inc. is the trade name of two privately held American restaurant chains: Hooters of America, Incorporated, based in Atlanta, Georgia, and Hooters, Incorporated, based in Clearwater, Florida. The Hooters name is a double entendre referring to both its owl logo, a bird known for its "hooting" calls, as well as an American slang term for human breasts.

The prototype restaurant first remodeled was the location in Houston, Texas located off the Southwest Freeway at Kirby Drive near Downtown Houston.

The company also announced changes to its menu, such as the addition of entrée salads.


Tagline/Slogan - Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined


Hooters Menu Price List



Chicken Breast Strips$8.59
Sliders Burger (4 Sliders)$8.99
Sliders Buffalo Chicken (4 Sliders)$8.99
Buffalo Chicken Dip$6.99
Buffalo Shrimp (12 Piece)$9.59
Buffalo Shrimp (24 Piece)$17.99
Buffalo Platter$15.99
Cheese Sticks$5.99
Quesadillas (Chicken)$8.99
Quesadillas (Steak)$8.99
Quesadillas (Cheese)$6.59
Fried Pickles$5.99
Flapper Or Boneless Teaser$6.29
Chili Cheese Nachos$8.99

1/2 LB. Burgers

Build You Own!$7.99
Cheese, Grilled Onions, Grilled Mushrooms or Jalapeños $0.49
Bacon, Guacamole or Chili $0.99
Western BBQ$8.99
Texas Melt$8.99
The Baja$8.99
Double "D"$10.99


Smothered Chicken$9.99
Smothered Chicken (Available Naked)$8.99
Chicken Strip Cheese (Hooters)$8.99
Buffalo Chicken$8.99
Big Fish$8.99
Big Fish (Smother That Fish!!)$9.99
Pulled BBQ Pork$8.59
Club Sandwich$7.99
Philly Cheese Steak$8.99
Shrimp Po' Boy$9.59
Blackened Mahi$10.59

World Famous Wings

Original Hooters Style Wings (10 Pieces)$9.79
Original Hooters Style Wings (20 Pieces)$18.99
Original Hooters Style Wings (50 Pieces)$43.99
Hooters Daytona Beach Style Wings (10 Pieces)$10.79
Hooters Daytona Beach Style Wings (20 Pieces)$19.99
Hooters Daytona Beach Style Wings (50 Pieces)$44.99
Boneless Wings (10 Pieces)$8.99
Boneless Wings (20 Pieces)$16.99
Boneless Wings (50 Pieces)$37.99


Extra Dressing$0.89
Extra Sauce$0.89
Celery & Dressing$1.29
All Drums (per Drums)$1
Daytona Sauce (per 10 Wings)$1

All You Can Eat Wings

Boneless Wings$11.59
Traditional Wings$13.99


Every Wednesday$6.99
10 Boneless,Boneless Wings (Hooters)$5.99

Fresh Entree Salads

Buffalo Chicken Salad$8.99
Shrimp & Spinach Salad$9.59
Chopped Cobb Salad$8.99
Chicken Garden Salad$8.99
Side Garden Salad$2.99
Chicken Caesar Salad$8.99
Caesar Salad$5.99
Side Caesar Salad$2.99
Add Blackened Mahi To Any Salad For Only$3.49


Steamed Shrimp(1/2 lb.)$10.59
Steamed Shrimp(1 lb.)$18.99
Fish & Chips$10.99
Baja Fish Tacos$8.99
Alaskan Snow Crab Legs (1 lb.)$15.99


Chili Cheese Fries$6.99
Side Garden$2.99
Caesar Salad$2.99
Cole Slaw$0.99
Big Dipper Fries$2.99
Big Dipper Fries with Cheese sauce$3.99
Curly Fries$2.99
Curly Fries with Cheese sauce$3.99
Onion Rings$4.99
Onion Tanglers$4.99


Chili (Hooters)$4.49
Chili with Cheese & Onions (Hooters)$4.99
New England Style Clam Chowder$3.99


Caramel Fudge Cheesecake$4.59
Chocolate Mousse Cake$4.59
Key Lime Pie$4.59


Flavored Iced Tea$2.79
Soft Drinks$2.49
Iced Tea$2.49
Bottled Water$1.59
Red Bull$3.79

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