Why Do Kids Love Fast Food?

Every parent would want their kid to eat healthy and balanced food. 


They don't want their kids to buy pizza in the school cafeteria, but to choose vegetables and fruits.
At the same time, modern children (at least most of them) are literally fixated on fast food. Chips, burgers, french fries and nuggets cause them much more interest than what we used to call "healthy food". Why? Let's understand.
If we believe in a new American study, the problem should be found in the logos od companies such as McDonald's, KFC and Burger King.
MRI data allowed to say that children react differently to advertising images and slogans of fast food restaurants, as these visual images are "built in" the brain area that's responsible for rewarding  at the very moment when children learn self-control.
According to the Sunday Independent, for the purity of the experiment, researchers from the University of Missouri took 120 popular brands, including producers of both food products and non-food products. They used a magnetic resonance imaging scanner that controlled changes in the blood flow, which was amplified when the brain became more active.
Testing children aged from 10 to 14, the results showed that activity becomes extremely high in the case when children see not just harmful food, but harmful food under a familiar brand. In other words, the same chips of an unknown brand or burger from a supermarket, which is not spoken on TV every 15 minutes, will not give the child the same pleasure as a fast food sandwich, which he knows well.
Having taken all this into account, teaching a child to eat healthy should be taken more seriously than it seems at first glance. It is enough to monitor the whole family's diet and eat fresh and healthy foods daily. Nothing complicated, right?

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