The Ultimate Guide to Borrachitos Candy

CandyBorrachitos candy is among the most popular Mexican candies. It originated from the state of Puebla and now has more than 300 types. Mexican candy is known for its rich and unique flavors that can take your taste buds on a delightful journey.


Borrachitos candies are basically tiny candy bars in different colors. These bars are covered with granulated sugar grains that give a crunchy texture the moment you put them in your mouth. While the surface may be crunchy, the center of the Borrachito Candy is filled with an extremely creamy caramel. This candy is a combination of milky and fruity flavors.


The name Borrachitos means “little drunk.” This is because Borrachitos candies have up to 4% of alcohol in them. They were originally created by a group of nuns who wanted to show their appreciation towards the monastery contributors.


Borrachitos Candy Flavors


Pineapple: The pineapple-flavored Borrachitos offer the best refreshing flavor combination of sweetness and tartness. They are orange in color and can make your day even sweeter with their fresh taste.

Apple: The tangy taste of apple is strong in this Borrachito candy which makes all the more reason to have a refreshing treat for yourself.

Eggnog: With eggnog flavor, the alcohol content is slightly higher. However, this is one of the most favorite of Borrachitos candies.

Lemon:To have that zing in your taste buds, there is nothing better than the lemon-flavored Borrachitos candies.

Strawberry: The strawberry flavor is common among candies. Borrachitos have their own strawberry-flavored version which are hugely popular in the market.


Borrachitos Candy Ingredients


Borrachitos are typically made of the following ingredients.

Corn starch
Ethyl alcohol (less than 0.5%)
Vanilla extract
Artificial flavor tequila
Titanium dioxide


Borrachitos Candy Types


The Borrachitos candy is sold in a resealable plastic tub that has paper dividers between them. The tub itself is shrink-wrapped and put inside a box.


Borrachitos candies have a soft texture that immediately melts away when you bite them. However, there is a slight chewiness in it too. The center of Borrachitos candies is white, creamy and covered with granulated sugar.


This serves a dual purpose – the granulated sugar prevents the candies from sticking to one another and also adds an additional layer of sweetness.


Borrachitos de Licor de Café


The Licor de Café has a pleasant coffee liqueur taste which works well with the slight caramel flavor. They are extremely soft and sweet; however one may not have them as a casual snack. For occasional treats, however, the Licor de Café is an excellent choice. People have often reported the Licor de Café to have a very slight mustiness in them. This may be due to the paper liner. It actually has no effect on the taste.


Borrachitos de Tequila


Borrachitos de Tequila has a lighter color than the Licor de Café candies. They are more golden than brown and may have a slight musty layer from being in a double-layer paper liner. The company no longer uses double-layer paper liners and is focusing on using plastic separators.


When you bite into Borrachitos de Tequila, you will immediately notice its strong flavor. At first, you will taste the caramel in it. Following that, your taste buds will be attacked by the alcohol flavor. While Borrachitos de Tequila may not be for everyone, it is a must for those who are tequila lovers.


From the name, it is easy to understand why Borrachitos de Tequila has a stronger alcoholic flavor. The candies smell like a mixture of tequila and cotton candy. The tequila flavor may have a slightly medicinal taste to it that adds a rather unique touch.


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