My Mochi Ice Cream – The Complete Guide

My MochiMy Mochi is a delicious, chewy rice dough filled with super-creamy ice cream. To make it work, the viscosity and temperature of both the dough and ice cream must be adjusted. However, once they are, it is among the marvelous things on the planet! I really really enjoy these – especially in the summer! My personal favs are the Coconut and Double Chocolate.


Frances Hashimoto, who also served as the former CEO and president of My Mochi, created it. My Mochi began as a pastry business, but it became an international sensation with the introduction of Mochi Ice Cream. My/Mo’s pastries were frequently made using Mochi until they developed a formula that included sweet rice dough with quality ice cream in the center.


Over time, they have expanded the flavors – and many delicious options to choose from that are listed below.


Mochi has become one of the most popular treats globally and can be found in Albertsons, Ralph’s, Trader Joe’s, and many other stores and you can also order via the links below.


Interesting Fact: The word “Mochi” is derived from an intriguing source. In Japanese culture, a sweet rice dough identified as “mochi” was renowned for its sweetness and ability to satiate hunger.


What Is My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream?

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream, based in Los Angeles, is a magical combination of exquisite mochi dough and center filled with delicious ice cream. My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream comes in a range of favorite flavors.


This allows people who love snacks to enjoy a colorful and delicious new way to take their ice cream in a portable, naturally portion-managed form. If you only like “just a bite” of dessert, this is a great option for yo!


These My Mochi Ice Creams have been referred to as poppable and tasty – the sweet rice mochi dough wraps the ice cream and both vegan and dairy options available. Other delightful options include My/Mo Ice Cream pints filled with pillowy mochi bits, all made with the finest ingredients and always gluten-free and rBST-free.


These incredible delicacies are created by professional mochi makers who meticulously combine mushy Mochi with creamy, melty ice cream.


My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream Flavors

With delicious Mochi and creamy ice cream, there is no better dessert available than mochi ice cream. My/Mo mochi ice cream is available in a wide variety of flavors. There is a flavor for every mood. Here are the flavors you can choose from:


Double chocolate: The ice cream is made using California milk to offer creaminess for the lovers of chocolate out there.

Sweet Mango: To make the best tropical dessert, the tangy ice cream is combined with sweet mochi dough.

Vanilla Bean: The ice cream utilizes real vanilla to ensure a deep flavor and infused richness.
Mint Chocolate Chip: This mochi ice cream has an appealing flavor thanks to the addition of real chocolate chips and fresh mint.
Cookies & Cream: If you cannot choose between ice cream and cookies, this is an excellent choice.
Ripe Strawberry: Premium ice cream prepared with fresh strawberries is held in the mochi dough.
Green Tea: Green tea ice cream is coated in genuine mochi dough for a treat you will not forget soon.

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