How to Make the 3 Most Popular Milk Coffees

In this video Jimmy is teaching us how to make the 3 most popular milk coffees which are the Flatwhite, Latte and Cappuccino. He talks about cup type and size, espresso volume and most importantly how much foam or milk froth is in each one. 


The amount of foam is really what differentiates each coffee. Our general rule of thumb is 5mm of foam for a Flat White. 10mm of foam to make a Latte and 15mm of foam in a Cappuccino which is also finished off with a dusting of chocolate. 


In the video Jimmy will show you how he count's out different amounts of time when introducing air into the milk while stretching it so he can produce the right amount of foam. Hopefully his method and explanation helps you to understand how to make each of these popular coffee shop drinks. 

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