How American McDonald's Compares To Spain's McDonald's

McDonald'sWhen it comes to fast food, McDonald's is king. With its addictive fries and crispy nuggets, the franchise has managed to make its mark well beyond the United States. As of 2022, there were about 40,275 McDonald's restaurants across the globe.


If you're a U.S. McDonald's fan, you might think that a Big Mac with a side of fries is as good as it gets. But have you ever looked at a McDonald's menu from Spain? Each McDonald's caters its menu to the country it's located in, ensuring the items reflect local traditions and tastes. In a Spanish McDonald's, you'll find an interesting selection of meats, sides, and sandwiches, unlike anything you'll find in the U.S. Even if you love the original McDonald's staples, one look at the Spanish menu may have you questioning which country does it best.


While Spain does offer a number of classic sandwiches, like the Big Mac and the Quarter Pounder, many of its sandwiches feature ingredients not often offered in U.S. menus. For example, the McExtreme BBQ Bourbon Egg burger includes smoked cheese, crispy onions, and is topped with a fried egg. The food chain's Double McExtreme Three Cheese burger offers two beef patties topped with cheddar, gouda, and a creamy camembert cheese sauce. For breakfast, instead of an Egg McMuffin, Spanish diners can enjoy Iberian toast, which features crusty bread topped with Iberian ham and tomato.


McDonald's in Spain offers superior sides


What really sets a Spanish McDonald's apart from its U.S. counterpart is the unique selection of sides. Spain offers not only Chicken McNuggets but also chicken wings and Chicken McBites, which are small, crispy chicken pieces similar to popcorn chicken.


In terms of fries, Spain offers the classic fries we have in the U.S., along with an option to add bacon and cheese. As a more upscale alternative, it offers Deluxe Potatoes, a spiced potato wedge served with a special scallion sauce. 


In a Spanish McDonald's you'll find a larger variety of fresh and healthy options, like pineapple slices, mixed fruit kabob, and even a bottle of gazpacho. 


While McDonald's offers many delicious menu items in the U.S., we'd love to get our hands on some of these Spain-exclusive menu items. In fact, there are so many unique McDonald's menu items from across the globe that we'd love to get a chance to try.



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