Cola Cube – Bite-Sized Sugar Rush!

Cola Cube CandyThe British, much like Americans, enjoy a rich history of delectable hard candies which are known by the Brits as boiled sweets. Traditionally known as “Kola Cubes,” Cola Cube is a brand of hard, sugar-coated cubes that have existed for over 50 years.


The history of the candy spans as far into the past as some of our most renowned traditional candies such as lemon sherbets, acid drops, and rhubarb & custard candies.


Over the years, the confectionery brand has amassed quite the fan base and has become one of the most popular British candies. Curious to learn more? Then keep reading as we take a dive into the history, taste, and nutrition of Cola Cube candy.


History of the Cola Cube Candy


There is not much known about the history of Cola Cube candies. Several confectionery companies have been credited with the invention of these candies and as such, it’s difficult to know for sure who the inventor of this brilliant candy is.


Several people credit Pascall for introducing Cola Cubes, initially known as Kola Kubes, during the 1940s. The version of Cola Cube produced by Pascall had a soft and chewy center, contrary to what you’ll find today.


The current prominent manufacturer of the Cola Cube is the UK confectionery brand Kingsway, a company owned by the Hancocks group, which has been serving the confectionery industry for around 50 years now.


Fun fact, Cola Cubes were often used by parents for pacifying their children. Kids would be too busy sucking on the sugar-coated cubes to scream or cry as kids do.


Taste and Flavor of the Cola Cube


Cola flavor is a staple of the western culture and a majority of Americans just love their cola, be it in sodas, candies, or something else of the sort. While Cola Cube certainly boasts the term “Cola” in its name, don’t let the name mislead you since the candies bear very little resemblance to the cola flavor and therefore, are far from what their name might imply.


First of all, the candies are red and not the dark brownish color that we’ve all come to associate with the name “Cola.” This perhaps may be because the candies are supposed to be reminiscent of red cola flavor.


In terms of taste, a majority of candy lovers have agreed that the cubes are sugary, yet bland and tasteless. The essence of Cola flavor can definitely be found in the candy, yet, it is only very subtle and lacks the zing, spiciness, and other complexities that Cola flavor generally delivers.


The cubes are also quite large in size and are a mouthful, whether this is a good thing or a bad one depends on your preferences.


A lot of tasters have argued that these subpar tasting Cola Cubes may just be an isolated case of a poorly cooked batch and that the Cola Cube candies they remember tasting were very rich and flavorful in taste. Knowing this, it may be worth it giving this candy a second chance.


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