After Training, the Protein Bar Can Be Replaced With a Burger

Scientists have tried to find out whether special supplements after training are healthy. 


Good news for those who go to gym not to suffer from the guilt of that burger they ate: researchers have found that eating fast food after training can be as effective as nutritional supplements, specially designed for recovery after exercise.

Scientists from the University of Montana conducted an experiment involving 11 amateur athletes: men didn't eat anything for half a day, and then they spent a 90-minute intensive workout on a stationary bike.  After the workout, scientists gave half of them special food (protein bars and energy drinks) and the other half - pancakes, potato pancakes and orange juice.

Two hours later the groups had another meal coming; The first, again, got sport nutrition and energy drinks, and the second - hamburgers, fried potatoes and cola.




After another two hours, the athletes drove another 20 kilometers on the simulator. For the purity of the experiment, the researchers conducted it again, changing the places of group members. The scientists have found, that it didn't matter if the participants ate special supplements or fast food and it didn't influence the effectiveness of training. However, the researchers emphasize that they are not saying that fast food is healthy, but they advise you to think about whether special additives and drinks that you use after training are really so useful.

Scientists also say that the participants of the experiment regularly go in for sports, and they don't advise to get involved in fast food for those who don't train a lot or are trying to lose weight.

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