Sour Altoids: The Strong Candy from the 2000s

Sour AltoidsSour Altoids are hard sour candies that were available from 2001 to 2010. They are different from the mint candies that their manufacturing company is famous for.


Many people loved Altoids Sours. In fact, they almost had a cult following, and die-hard fans are still trying to bring them back. You might not be familiar with these facts about sour Altoids, but they’re sure to make you salivate if you’ve never tried them before!


History of the Discontinued Sour Altoids


Sour Altoids were only available for a short duration in the early 2000s, so it’s possible you may not have heard about them. However, it’s hard not to know about the Altoids altogether. The brand has been highly famous for more than a century. In fact, Altoids mints have been around in different forms since the 1700s.


Altoids was acquired by Callard & Bowser Company in the 19th century. It switched to breath mints from delivery medicines and curatives in the little metal tins, and famously came to be known as “Curiously Strong Mints.”


The small-sized candy has a powerful flavor that lasts for a while instead of dissolving immediately. The same technique was used to create Altoids Sours in 2001. They were small hard candies produced using fruit flavors and colors.


Resembling an oval shape, sour Altoids were covered in a sour coating that enclosed a hard fruity candy. This candy was available in lime, mango, apple, tangerine, and raspberry flavors.


Despite the popularity of Altoids’ mint candy, the sour flavors were extremely popular when they were available. Most Altoids customers became huge fans of the sour-coated candy that enclosed a fruity flavor.


The round metal tin was also a new thing for the fans of Altoids candy. Their regular tin shape for candy packaging is rectangular, so the circular tin box was intriguing. However, the tins were large and not easy to carry around in a pocket, which was a downside for the product.


The popularity of sour Altoids did not work as well as the fans expected, and the manufacturing company decided to discontinue it in 2010. They stated decreased sales as the reason for the discontinuation.


Sour Altoids Flavors


Sour Altoids were available in the following flavors:

Apple Sours
Mango Sours
Raspberry Sours
Tangerine Sours
Lime Sours


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