Potato pie

Potato pie
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Potato pie is a great garnish to fried chicken or vegetable salad.

It is likely to appeal to fans of potato chips of all kinds. Cook at home, it will be much more useful than the one that is sold in stores.

It is no secret or mystery, just need a skill that is very finely divided tubers. You can use modern large grater.

Our simple step by step recipe with photos will demonstrate how to make a potato pie at home. Only clean the potatoes.

Let's prepare!

Recipe of making potato pie


  • Salt - to taste
  • Potato - 2-3 piece
  • Potato starch - little for breading
  • Refined vegetable oil - for frying


All you need to properly prepare this garnish - it is the most thinly slice the potatoes. The ideal would be if you use a grater for Korean carrot, but you can also use a very sharp knife.

Wash and clear the potatoes. Cut it into strips as thin as possible.
starch and potato
As specific breading will use the starch. It must be strange to dump the potatoes, in fact, in the potato, but it is necessary for the recipe.

Therefore, we carefully sprinkle the starch, salt to taste.
fried potato
It is necessary to prepare the pan in advance with a thick bottom and warm in it a decent amount of vegetable oil. Potato Straws must literally swim in a pan.

Fry the potatoes in batches: so he will be browned on all sides. Fry for a couple of minutes and lay out on a paper towel, or the potatoes will lose all their crunchy texture.
Potato pie
Put the ready potatoes on a plate and serve as a garnish. This dish is perfect as a snack, especially if you use different flavors of spices.

Potato pie is ready.
Bon appetit!

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