Omelette "Hutsul"

Omelette Hutsul
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Do you know what is "green tourism"? No, come to the Carpathians and learn all about green tourism, taste the masterpieces of national cuisine and just relax. You can not? Then one thing I can still provide you - it is a culinary cuisine, named omelette "Hutsul". For cooking you need the village oven, but I think in a frying pan you can prepare also tasty. Another ingredient - is feta cheese. No problem if you do not have it handy, replace it with a simple processed cheese, the taste isn't the same - but also original and very tasty. A gourmet still recommend finding a piece of feta cheese and cook the omelet with this cheese.

Recipe of making omelette "hutsul"


  • Milk 100g
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Fat 100g
  • Pumpkin 100g
  • Onion 1 pc
  • Eggs 4 pieces
  • Cheese 100g
  • 1 tbls flour


At first cut the fat small pieces and fry. Of course it is good if your fat is such a know-streaked,

or with the layers of meat. It's not bad if it is smoked. But even a simple piece of fat is good.
cracklingsAs the fat is ready, take them on a plate. We still need them.
sliced pumpkin
Now the pumpkin. Peel it, cut into cubes of 1 cm and fry in lard, which is left. Fry until golden brown and soft product,

so that would be when you touch the pumpkins broke up - it's not a long time, about 10-12 minutes.
chopped onionCut the onion and add on the pumpkin.
beat egg flour salt and pepper
And now we do the omelet. Eggs, flour, salt and pepper - all good stir with a fork.

Cut feta or cheese into cubes and add to the mixture.
pumpkin and onions in the mix
Fill the pumpkin and onions with this mixture. If there is a green - cut and add in it.

Cover with a lid and on the very small fire for 15 minutes, and in the oven can be even tastier.
Omelette Hutsul
Serve with fresh vegetables.
Bon appetit!

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