Mini Corn dogs

Mini Corn dogs
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Mini corn dogs - it is a very tasty dish that is prepared for a large and friendly company of friends! And we will tell how to prepare mini corn dogs.
Mini corn dogs can be a great snack to drinks, especially in a large company of men, but also girls this variant seems more preferable and easy because of its size. If you do not know what arecorn dogs, we will try to explain. If you ever tried to cook sausages in the dough, then the corn dogs is the same dish, but with a slightly different formulation, which is used not just the dough, but also a variety of additional ingredients. As a rule, it is canned corn and spices.
In this recipe the preparation of mini corn dogs we will cook the dough from flour, canned corn, honey, paprika and beer. In addition, we will need vegetable oil, in which we will prepare a mini corn dogs.

Recipe of making mini corn dogs


  • Canned corn - 1/2 pack
  • Sausages - 1 pack
  • Paprika - 1 tsp
  • Honey - 2 tbsp
  • Beer - 1 stack
  • Flour - 1/2 stack


sausageFor preparing not big corn dogs, cut the sausages in 2 or 3 equal parts. Then each piece must be spread on sticks.
stable doughFor preparing the dough for mini corn dogs, chop canned corn in a blender or food processor until smooth state. Then mix in a convenient container honey, beer, flour, paprika and scrolled corn. You should get a fairly liquid, but for consistent dough, so that the beer you can vary the degree of density dough.
sausage and flourIt remains only to pour the dough into a tall glass, then each sausage rolled in flour and dipped in the dough and then immediately put into the hot oil. Cooking mini corn dogs should be long until the dough gets nice golden color, then all the corn dogs put on a plate with paper towels to get rid of oil.
Mini Corn dogsWe hope that you and your friends will be satisfied with such a meal!
Bon appetit!


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