Elegant Berry Boxes

berry boxThe berry box packaging design for Sunrise's organic fruits is an attractive and eco-friendly alternative to those plastic baskets that are commonly used to help consumers transport fresh berries home from the grocery store. 
Even though clear plastic is not used in the design, the boxes offer a peek at the fruit inside from the leaf-shaped patterned cutouts on top and sides of the boxes, which plays off of the stylized dot on the 'i' in the brand's logo. As well as being quite aesthetically pleasing, the boxes are also sustainable, since the simple cardboard boxes can be put together without the need for any toxic glue to hold them together. Each of the products features a color-coded label, showing off the 'Delicious Blueberries,' or the 'Tasty Raspberries' inside, in addition to a prominent recycling symbol.
berry box
berry box
berry box
Source: behance.net

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