Decline Of Fastfoods In America: Fastfood Sales Slump As Americans Become Wise Eaters

Decline Of Fastfoods In AmericaDecline Of Fastfoods In America- There is a significant decline of fastfood sales in America as Americans are leaning on healthy choices.

McDonalds, the largest fastfood chain in the world has reported sales loss of 3.3 percent globally for the last three quarters. Much of its decline was attributed to the decreasing sales in the U.S., the biggest geographic part of McDonald's revenue.


In Kansas, Hospitals of Truman Medical Center and Kosair Children's Hospital in Kentucky ended up its contract with McDonald's from the last two years. The significant decline of fastfoods in America is seen as people become aware of the healthy options available.


Keith-Thomas Ayoob Keith-Thomas Ayoob

People are now aware of the health impacts of oily and sugary fastfoods. The link between fastfood and obesity, fastfood and hypertension, fastfood and heart disease has been intensified as people become more concerned about their health.


With decline of fastfoods in America, sales of beverage in U.S. were also seen sloping down. According to the industry tracker Beverage Digest, in 1998, Americans drink 54 gallons a year and just last year, it went down to just 44 gallons.


"There's a shift away from the perception of food that is mass-produced towards food that is perceived to be more homemade or artisanal or sustainably produced," told Keith-Thomas Ayoob, Associate Clinical Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.


Since 2012, the sales of beverage came under the fire with the country's increasing obesity rates. New York for instance started banning large cups for sodas and sweet drinks last year. The decline of fastfood sodas was immense as people become aware of the negative effects of sodas on one's health.


In 1998, Americans drink only 42 gallons of water, but in 2013, it increased to 58 with 38 percent significant increase. Americans now choose water over sodas, thanks to the federal alarm on obesity.


In February, the US Centers for Disease Control declared a 43 percent fall in Obesity incidence among two to five years old compared to the last decade. Getting over obesity could take time, but with people becoming more aware of their health and the impact of fastfoods, obesity could be resolved in time.


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